Istanbul travel guide

Istanbul is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so you’re not alone if you find yourself dreaming about visiting this historic, culturally rich city. Istanbul can be a great place for those who want to explore many different aspects of Turkish culture and history – but it also has plenty of modern amenities and attractions for tourists looking to have some fun. With that said, in this Istanbul travel guide, I will share my personal tips on how to enjoy your time in Istanbul!

Best Time To visit Istanbul

The most popular time to visit Istanbul is during the months of April through October – or between late March and early November. While it’s possible that you’ll be able to get a hotel room in other periods, booking one will likely cost more.

What To Do When You First Arrive In Istanbul?

When you first get to Istanbul, the first place you should visit is the Grand Bazaar. There are plenty of shops and stalls to explore, as well as a number of vendors that can help you find one-of-a-kind souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve eaten lunch or dinner (or even breakfast), I recommend visiting Beyti Restaurant in the Eminonu neighborhood near Sirkeci Train Station, which has good prices on traditional Turkish dishes. It’s also worth checking out nearby Spice Market if you love shopping for food items like olives, honeycomb candy, dried fruits – not to mention spices!

What Should You Do With Your Time In Istanbul?

The best thing I could mention in Istanbul travel guide, is the great activities to do and enjoy in Istanbul such as exploring new places and learning about the rich history of this amazing city.

The best way to enjoy Istanbul is by walking around and taking in the sights but if you’re looking for a specific thing, there’s plenty on offer too! Here are some ideas for how to spend your time:

-Visit Hagia Sofia, which was originally built as an Orthodox church but now functions as a museum. There are also lots of boutiques selling crafts made with recycled materials across from Hagia Sophia so it might be worth bringing extra euros or Turkish Lira to shop here too.

-If you want something more active, try going paddleboarding along the Bosphorus Strait.


The best tips we can give you in Istanbul travel guide for transportation are to take the metro or a taxi. Istanbul is notorious for its traffic, which can be time-consuming and stressful if you’re not used to it – so we recommend avoiding it as much as possible!

Another important advice when it comes to transportation is to watch out for pickpockets. We’ve heard lots of stories from tourists who have been robbed, so it’s important that you keep your belongings close and be aware at all times!

How is the weather in Istanbul?

The weather in Istanbul can be unpredictable. It might feel the most like summer at one point, and then get really cold a few days later! But that’s part of what makes it so fun – you never know what to expect from day-to-day life here. We recommend bringing rain gear just in case, or going with layers if you prefer not to use your umbrella too much (even though we’re sure Turks appreciate them!). And don’t forget the sunscreen; while there are umbrellas around for sale everywhere on Istiklal Caddesi as well as other major streets when it rains, they’re often expensive, which is why many people buy them abroad instead.

Do I need to learn Turkish?

It’s not necessary to learn Turkish in order to enjoy Istanbul. The locals are very welcoming and will go out of their way to help you if they’re able-speaking English is widely understood, especially among the younger generations (though some might need a little bit more time with tourists than others). However, it does make things easier on your trip if you know how to say ‘hello’ or ask for directions. So we recommend either picking up a phrasebook before boarding your plane from home country or downloading an app like Duolingo that’ll teach you as part of its free service!

In conclusion

Istanbul is a city that will never cease to amaze you. There’s something about the mix of old and new, European architecture with Middle Eastern influences, bustling streets mixed in with quiet back alleys; it all comes together into one captivating place. So if you’re looking for an adventure this summer or fall then head on over to Turkey!

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